Legally illegal act: Indian police in Kerala with the apprehended 'Dubai Police' car, complete with siren and logo. The Dubai-based expat was arrested for reckless driving and performing dangerous stunts Image Credit: www.kvartha.com

Dubai: An Indian expat’s Eid holidays took a turn for the unexpected when he spent them behind bars in a police station in Kerala, India, instead of behind the wheel of a fake police car, as planned.

wrong turn

Abdul Jabir, 30, decided to take his admiration for the police force one illegal step too far by painting his Honda City in white and olive green colours to resemble a Dubai Police vehicle, complete with a siren and logo that read Shurta Dubai (in Arabic text). But the holiday-goer’s secret desire to go undercover as a Dubai policeman was busted when drivers called up radio stations to complain. Onlookers at the scene of his dangerous road stunts on the roads of Kasargod filed a complaint against him for causing a public nuisance.

The real police force soon intervened and Jabir, who was in the car with four of his friends,

was arrested for violating the Motor Vehicles Act and various other offences under the Indian Penal Code or IPC. He was also charged with driving recklessly putting at risk the lives of other motorists and pedestrians.

Jabir said he was trying to impress people.

Although his car has been confiscated, Jabir, who has lived in Dubai for seven years, was later realeased on bail.