Gone too soon: Baby Alex Gabriel Rizo-Jose died on January 11 — 48 hours after his birth — due to ‘improper medical management’ by a doctor at a private hospital in Dubai Image Credit:

DUBAI: A doctor earlier found to have been involved in medical malpractice that led to the death of a newborn baby has appealed the verdict, XPRESS has learnt.

An investigation committee formed by the Clinical Governance Office (CGO) under the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) to evaluate the death of Katherine Rizo-Jose’s baby in January, had reported that there was “medical malpractice in the management of the case”.

The report was prepared by members of the committee which conducted a thorough study and interviews with involved parties.

The review committee comprised experts in neonatal care.

The respondent doctor in the case had disputed the committee’s conclusion and lodged an appeal with CGO on September 9, according to documents obtained by XPRESS.

Baby Alex Gabriel Rizo-Jose was born (normal delivery) on January 9 and died on January 11 — 48 hours after his birth in the nursery section of the Canadian Specialist Hospital in Abu Hail, Dubai.

A medical report then stated the “most probable” cause was aspiration / cardiorespiratory failure.

On January 15, the boy’s father, Nolly Rizo-Jose, a 34-year-old Filipino accountant, filed a complaint with the CGO.

“We were relieved by the committee’s findings,” said Nolly. “It gave closure to this sad story.”

Nolly and his wife Katherine, 33, were married in December 2008 and they had been waiting for a baby to arrive ever since.

In a statement to XPRESS, a hospital spokesperson said: “While we continue to extend our deepest sympathies and full support to the family involved, we find it prudent not to comment... until the legal and medical investigation of the DHA is concluded.”

Dr. Layla Mohammad Al Marzouqi, Head of Clinical Governance Office, DHA Health Regulation Department, earlier told at an experts’ conference that her office follows speedy transparent procedures in dealing with medical complaints.

In 2009, the DHA received more than 50 complaints against private hospitals and 18 complaints against public hospitals for medical negligence or malpractice.

Abu Dhabi suspended the licences of 15 doctors in 2011 for malpractice.