Crazy Kiya Re, the latest example of Dinyar Contractor's 'my wife, your girlfriend-my husband, your boyfriend' theme of slapstick theatre, was recently held in Dubai. Despite the fact that the audience roared, probably more out of respect for the old man than actual humour, at Contractor's numerous very familiar double-entendre email-circulated jokes, Crazy Kiya Re failed to impress.

Without a real plot, the play kept circulating the same situation among its various characters. After the interval, it was actually quite tedious.

The dance sequences by husband-wife team of Tanaaz Currim and Bakhtiar Irani, finalists of a recent celebrity dance contest on one of the Indian television channels, were well coordinated, but nothing new.

Acting-wise, Currim and Hiten Paintal were impressive while others, including Shama Sikandar who is an otherwise good performer, seemed much like high school amateur student actors than professionals. The event was organised by Signature Events.