Darshan Singh Image Credit: Anjana Sankar/XPRESS

ABU DHABI An Indian carpenter who lost two fingers in a worksite accident in April last year has approached the Indian embassy for legal help after failing to get any compensation from his company

Darshan Singh, 56, from the north Indian state of Punjab, said he was cutting wood at his work place in Al Ain when his right hand got caught in the sawing machine, severing his index and middle fingers.

The father of three was rushed to Mafraq Hospital where he underwent surgery.

Insurance claims

“My hand was in such as terrible mess that the doctors could not stitch my fingers despite their best efforts. My right thumb also got badly injured. It’s been nearly one year since the accident and I still cannot move it,” said Singh.

“The company paid my hospital bills, but they did not give me any money in compensation, which I am entitled to as per the UAE labour laws. And since I cannot do carpentry anymore, my company has downgraded me to the post of a helper,” he said, adding that his revised salary of Dh990 is not enough to sustain himself and his family back home.

“I need the compensation urgently. My eldest son has a medical condition and his medical care is my responsibility. I approached the company several times for insurance claims but there was no response from them. So I have contacted the Indian embassy in Abu Dhabi for legal help.

No comment was immediately available from the company.