If the name Ben Granfelt doesn't ring any bells that's alright – he is not very well known outside the community that is created by his loyal and die-hard fans.

The musician sat down for a quick interview with tabloid! after his high energy performance with his band as Friday night's headline act.

"I know my band isn't exactly a jazz band so it might not be quite what people were expecting. While there were some that left, it seems that the ones that stayed enjoyed our performance – which is good," he said.

This is Ben Granfelt and his band's second visit to the UAE, the first being at the Dubai Skywards Jazz Festival last year.

"We hope to tour the region. But when we are asked to describe our music, we find it difficult to categorize it because there are many elements that make up our songs," he said.

The 45 year old musician revealed that he finances his records himself because he doesn't want to sign up with a record company that is only interested in producing radio hits. "I want to play the songs as they feel – even if it means that they are five or six minutes long," he explained.

While his band has achieved remarkable success, with approximately 60 independent concerts a year, Ben still worries about disappointing his fans.

"Last year when performing in Munich, we did a concert that was one of the worst ones I can remember. For some reason I couldn't get it together – my hands, mouth, heart and soul were not playing together and I was terrified after we had finished. When some fans came up afterwards and told us how much they enjoyed it, I was shocked because I thought that I had let everyone down," he recalled. "But the concert after that was fantastic. So one bad show out of 60 isn't too bad," he added.