Prepare a small medical aid kit before going on holiday. Image Credit: Getty Images

1. Buy travel insurance

Life is unpredictable, so you need peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, you will receive good medical care or have the option of being moved somewhere where the right care is available. AXA offers a variety of reasonably priced travel insurance packages. Visit www.axa-gulf.com.

2. Visit your GP

At least six weeks before you leave, visit your GP to find out what injections you will need before you set off on your holiday. If you are visiting a malaria area, ensure that you are taking the right medication. Some courses of malaria tablets need to be started before you set off on your holiday, and you may have to continue taking them for a specified period after your return.

3. Play nurse
Prepare a small medical-aid kit so that you can cope with holiday mishaps. Ensure your kit includes plasters; dressing and tape; antiseptic wash and cream; a broad-spectrum antibiotic; painkillers; anti-inflammatory tablets; tweezers, scissors and safety pins; antihistamine; and rehydration sachets.