share scare: Most flats at Olympic Park building are occupied by labourers, hotel staff claim residents pankaj sharma/xpress

Dubai Families living in a residential building in Dubai Sports City are crying foul alleging labourers and hotel staff are using some 30 flats as shared staff accommodation.

A family residing on the 14th floor of the Olympic Park Building 4 told XPRESS that flats in the new building were released early this year as an essentially family accommodation, with a strict rule that no sharing would be allowed.

“This rule has been violated and they have allowed labourers and hotel staff to move in and share apartments. There are 30 flats, most of them two bedrooms, filled with labourers and hotel staff who use them as shared staff accommodation,” he said.

Another tenant on the 12th floor said: “Our building is becoming a labour camp. We are told that around 220 staff have moved into 30 flats.”

The 14th floor tenant said: “It was a big shock to us tenants when the labourers moved in. They are smoking in the corridors which have no windows. The male labourers are using the family pool area which makes it impossible for families to use the facilities. In the evening, they are outside in the parking area in groups and children feel unsafe.”

He said the families had come together and presented a signed letter to the building owner.

“We informed the management that we are not willing to accept the illegal use of the building which destroys our family lives.”

He alleged, “There are more problems in the building like the air-conditioning, emergency route, staircases and ceilings on some floors.”

The 12th floor tenant alleged that “the corridors are so dirty and dusty, I can see my own footsteps leaving their mark. The garbage chutes are just awful. Maintenance is almost non-existent.”

Pressing for urgent action, the families said they are not willing to move out of the building because they like the location. “Moreover it costs money every time you want to make move,” said one of them.

An immediate comment was not available from the developer.



“Our building is becoming a labour camp. We are told that around 220 staff have moved into 30 flats”

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