Asala Nasri, one of the Arab world's favourite performers, plans to make Bahrain her home.

The announcement was made by the Damascus-born star at a gathering with journalists in Manama recently.

Asala, who turns 38 in May, was granted Bahraini citizenship in 2006. She said she would use her new base to boost her career.

“I am currently working on a special show on children that will be launched from Bahrain,'' she said, adding that she was ready to work with Bahraini performers regardless of their status.

“What I am interested in is that we can sing in harmony,'' she said.

Since 1991

Asala has been singing since 1991. Her father, Mostafa Nasri, a well-known singer himself, encouraged her to perform songs for children as well as patriotic and religious ones.

Asala has two children — Sham and Khalid — from her marriage with Ayman Al Dhahabi. The couple divorced in 2005 and Asala went on to marry song director Tariq Al Aryan last year.