Event Management Development Institute - it is an exciting option for those who want a change of profession or would like to take up event management, writes Latha Krishnan.

Do your own thing, organise people, give your imagination the freedom to explore various ideas to make events unique and interesting, give form to your vision. These and more can be done if you get into the exciting world of event management.

Nowshir Engineer is the founder director of the Event Management Development Institute (EMDI) in Dubai Knowledge Village, which offers a programme Diploma in Event Management and Innovative Marketing. He said: "The event and entertainment revolution" has arrived in Dubai, and the only background that one needs to take this on as a career option is passion for events.

"However, students with a commerce/business/arts background are usually more receptive to the fundamentals and ideologies of event management."

Students take up event management as a career because:

- It's a new and unique career offering various opportunities;

- Can be one's own boss and treat it like a business;

- Platform for creative people to showcase their ideas;

- Transforming a hobby into a career.  

Kitty Shah
A teacher and now events manager in The Westminster School, she has completed the EMDI course.

She said: "After doing the course I am aware of every aspect of event planning and organisation, whether it is understanding and writing an event brief or drafting a sponsorship proposal and I am confident of approaching suppliers and follow through.

"A recently concluded graduation day was successful, as I had planned in detail the operations of the event - the flow for the formal ceremony, coordination among the teachers, assigning various duties from time to time, and handling guests."

Lana Vorojeykina
She quit her job in the fashion industry and is now fully immersed in event management.

She said: "I plan to use the amazing groundwork that this course provides me in all aspects of my new career. The knowledge I have gained will help me do this job better, and with far more confidence.

"Additionally, industry professionals know the programme and many of them got to know us as individuals this year. So it will be a chance for me to forge my way into a professional community with this extra edge."

Rupali Sohoni
She used to work in the garment industry, took up the EMDI course to help her in a new field when she migrates to Australia shortly.

She said: "Events being a more universal field, will help me find a whole new career opportunity in any place I eventually go to. If Australia offers the opportunity to take up this exciting career I will definitely make it my future."