We all have our personal lists - of the zaniest/quirkiest/ funniest/craziest/smartest ... We devote this page to them. This week, Rahma Himid, 33, is managing partner, Strawberry PR & Events, Dubai, lists ...

He/she ignores you
You have been introduced and re-introduced to this person on several occasions. But he or she looks right through you.

Gives you a once-over
Haven't we all been to a party where somebody gives us this treatment?! Puzzled, we check for spills or stains on our clothes.

Is a brand maniac
Dressed in high-end brands from head-to-toe is their way of making a superior statement.

Is a show-off
What happens when you catch a snob without her designer bag? Ha! She makes a quick exit. She doesn't want to be seen by you or anyone who knows her. Which is why you are left wondering, ?Hey, she was here just a second ago!?

Makes rude public outbursts
Snobs are known for their public outbursts. Ever witnessed one throw a tantrum in a restaurant? If a waiter commits a peccadillo - like brings the salad before the main course instead of with it - he will get a mouthful ... and a demand to see the manager. Sigh! What could have been handled with a request turns into a maelstrom.

Patronises expensive restaurants
A snob will patronise a club or restaurant only if a reservation is required. If you spot one waiting in queue at a new hip club be prepared for two situations - to experience point No 1 (ignores you) or you will hear complaints about how the new bouncer doesn't recognise him or her.

Peppers a conversation with foreign words
It doesn't matter if these foreign words or phrases are out of context!

Demands immediate attention
After all, appointments are for other people.

Makes ridiculous requests
?Don't park any cars on either side of mine,? is a common demand to the valet driver!

Uniform reaction
A snob's reaction to anything is: ?Is that real??