A cup of tea can include flowers, butter, condensed milk and lots more unique ingredients. Image Credit: Unsplash/Miti

Take a refreshing sip of tea, and consider this – have you ever tried tea that’s bright blue in colour, or tea that’s made from bricks?

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Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Although it’s usually made from green tea leaves, there are nearly as many varieties of tea as there are tea drinkers. Some, in fact, are downright surprising. Here, find a few flavours of tea that you could consider for your next cuppa:

1. Russian brick tea

A tea made from a brick? It’s a common practice in Russia, where black tea dust is compressed into rock hard tablets. When you are in the mood for a cup of tea, all you have to do is grate off a corner of the tablet and pour boiling water. The bricks were once a common way of transporting tea, but today, are usually used as novelty or decorative items.

2. Blue tea

A cup of vibrant blue tea is what you get when you brew dried butterfly pea flowers, found in Thailand. With a flowery taste and aroma, the tea is refreshing and definitely interesting to drink. Some people even add a revitalising dash of lemon to their blue tea, which has the added bonus of turning the drink purple!

3. Butter tea

Originating in Pemagul, Tibet, butter tea or ‘po cha’ is a kind of brick tea, churned with yak butter, barley flour and salt. With a smooth, creamy texture, the tea is said to provide a boost of energy – ideal for the start of the day. You can even make it at home, with a blender – just add smoky black tea, butter and milk.

4. Cha yen

A kind of iced tea that’s popular in Thailand, cha yen is unlike any iced tea you’ve tried before. It’s a strong brew, blended with sugar, condensed milk, star anise and yellow food colouring. The rich, sweet flavour of this tea makes it a versatile, delicious cuppa that will have you coming back for more.

5. Seven-colour tea

A rainbow drink that comes from Bangladesh, this tea actually comprises seven different tea flavours. A tea maker named Romesh Ram Gour apparently got the idea as he noticed the fact that different tea flavours have different densities. He created the rainbow drink by pouring different teas gradually, one on top of another, to make distinct layers. The popular drink’s recipe remains a secret, and is available from two tea shops in Bangladesh.

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