tianmen road
Experience twists and turns like no other when driving down the Tianmen Mountain Road in China Image Credit: Shutterstock

The world is full of roads, criss-crossing across craggy mountain passes, deserts and even over water, connecting cities and continents.

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With millions of roads and scenic routes available, travellers are spoiled for choice when it comes to road trips. Here are some of the world’s best roads to drive on, where the journey is guaranteed to be even more beautiful than the destination:

1. Seven Mile Bridge

seven mile bridge
Seven Mile Bridge Image Credit: Shutterstock

Ever wanted to drive into the sunset? This is the place to do it. Definitely one of its kind, the Seven Mile Bridge cuts through Florida Keys, in the US. A scenic drive that gives you endless views of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, the highway is the perfect place to catch spectacular sunsets and sunrises, or glittering moonlight over the water.

2. Tianmen Mountain Road

Experience twists and turns like no other when driving down this road in China. More than 11km in length and rising 3,600 feet above sea level, the road has over 99 hairpin turns – so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Seen from afar, the road appears like decoration on a cake, almost ethereal in its winding ways.

3. Jebel Hafeet

jebel hafeet
Jebel Hafeet Road Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Carved into the desert of Al Ain, the road has 60 race-track worthy corners that snake around a mountain. The road is about 11.7km long and has a drive time of about 30 minutes. During the summertime, 45-degree Celsius heat creates the illusion of golden dunes moving in the distance – how’s that for a scenic view?

4. Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road Image Credit: Shutterstock

Forget the thrills and enjoy the frills of this attractive route in Australia, which runs for 253km and can take up to four hours to complete. Mountains merge into oceans and rainforests end at dramatic cliffs along this road, where you are even able to enter and exit national parks. With an incredible coastline for company, it’s ideal for a scenic, serene journey.

5. Amalfi Coast Road

amalfi coast road
Amalfi Coast Road Image Credit: Shutterstock

Enter a movie scene, with a rag-top convertible driving past charming villages and pristine coastlines – you’re probably in the Amalfi Coast, Italy. The route is about 56km long and takes 75 minutes to complete – not that you’ll ever want to, since it’s one of the prettiest drives. And if you are a thrill seeker, its coastal bits are crammed with hairpin bends to suit your needs.

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