Dubai penthouse
This Dubai residence boasts settled yet stylish interiors Image Credit: Supplied

Soft, mellifluous notes from the surround sound system waft though Dilip Gurnani’s 11,000 sq.ft penthouse along with the 5,000 sq.ft terrace creating a zestful and highly spirited vibe. Perched on top of the Park Gate Residence Tower in Bur Dubai, the plush residence boasts settled yet stylish interiors displaying trendy collections of carefully chosen artefacts and souvenirs not to mention lovely decor pieces. But clearly, the view is the highlight.

Dilip Gurnani with his wife Yogita and their two children – Biya and Mayur
Dilip Gurnani with his wife Yogita and their two children – Biya and Mayur Image Credit: Supplied

‘I wanted to capture the best views of the city that I call home. The stunning views from here are a natural wallpaper that keeps seamlessly transforming into beautiful realities day and night’, says the Dubai resident.

His wife Yogita agrees. The couple have two children – Biya and Mayur.

Dilip’s parents too live here and the bond the family shares is clearly visible in the varied photographs that adorn the walls. To ensure, seamless integration in terms of décor and functionality, Dilip engaged Turnkey Interiors, an interior contracting and project management company who along with MWN, a boutique interior design studio, executed the design. Take a tour of their home:

Entertainment Area

An infinity ceiling made of mirror and double glass produces multiple reflections ensuring that the source of light is unseen while making the ceiling appear unending. The volume of light that comes with double-height illuminating Italian chandeliers is the focal point of attraction in the living space and adds to the glamorous effect. Lighter, brighter neutral shades throw more light across the room. Neutrals are classic and nondescript and help make the room even larger. The wall-to-ceiling glass ensures the best views that overlook Zabeel park and the Dubai Frame. Image Credit: Supplied

Family-Friendly Space

DSC_0227 n-1663919453769
The 8-seater dining table breathes life and positive energy. The custom-made table consists of a white Italian marble top. The minimalistic white décor and accessories add finesse to the setup with candles, flowers, and other accessories. Abstract oil paintings showcase the vast space and openness of the area. Nestled on the dining table, is a custom-made light fixture lending a warm vibe to the area. Image Credit: Supplied

Outdoor Cabana

The cabana
The cosy and modern-looking cabana serves as a great sitting area, ideal for family outdoor dinners, playing games with friends, or just relaxing with a book. The roof is fully retractable and functions like a shade once it is open. Image Credit: Supplied

The Floating Staircase

This glowing staircase serves as a breathtaking architectural feature of the home. It also enhances the overall value of the living space whilst providing an illusion of floating in mid-air, giving it a very aesthetic feel. The centre of the staircase has a water drop-like feel. The ceiling is illuminated with a chandelier and the walls of the staircase are cladded with Italian marble. Image Credit: Supplied

The Swanky White Kitchen

Home is where the heart is, and the heart is certainly in the kitchen. Since there are three generations residing at this home – parents, grand-parents and the children, the kitchen is another meeting point of varied tastes and for planning celebrations. The enduring versatility of choosing white – the classic colour – makes the kitchen invitingly vibrant and bright and gives it an illusion of space and luminosity. The large kitchen with slab-to-ceiling glass panels creates a vast expanse of space giving it an open airy feel. The panoramic view of the city from the wide window provides ample light and sense of freshness. The lacquered white cabinets, counters and stainless-steel fixtures make the kitchen look modern and seamlessly neat. Image Credit: Supplied

Cricket-Themed Bedroom

‘My son is a cricket fanatic and I wanted to ensure that he lives out his dream during his childhood,’ says Dilip. Thus the theme here is cricket. The bed has been custom designed in the same stitch pattern and colour of the cricket ball while the doorknobs and handles are made of actual cricket balls giving them a funky appearance. The shelves are carved out of cricket bats. The backdrop is a poster of his son Mayur playing cricket. ‘The customised cricket-inspired artefacts, treasured memorabilia all adorn the room and help my son visualise success in the sport he truly loves,’ says Dilip. Image Credit: Supplied

The Terrace

The terrace
A true example of an area that offers a multisensory experience. An ideal space to relax, enjoy nature and entertain family and friends in a cozy and fashionable living space whilst enjoying the panoramic views of the city. The outdoor entertainment system, tables with fire pits, and plenty of greenery are ideal for a memorable time with family and friends. It boasts an automatic irrigation system that ensures plants are well taken care of. The waterfall wall not only cools down the surrounding areas but also adds to the micro-climate while the soft gurgling sounds of the water falling is, in a word, therapeutic. Image Credit: Supplied

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