One of the highlights of the home's design is the accent on natural light Image Credit: Supplied

With a built-up area of 30,000 sq ft, Rizwan Sajan’s two-storey, seven-bedroom villa that looks out over a spectacular golf course in Dubai is truly a luxurious delight that can leave visitors slack-jawed.

Apart from spacious bedrooms and walk-in wardrobes, imagine having your very own massage room and spa to knead away all the stresses and strains of day. Looking to chill out with the family without leaving the house? There’s a dedicated games room with a 22-seater cinema hall so you can enjoy all the latest movies and Netflix shows on a mini cinema-sized screen. Want to relax outdoors? Slip into the 20m heated swimming pool and enjoy a few laps before chilling in a jacuzzi. There’s even a kid’s pool and also a mini kid’s park to boot.

The family’s love for water elements also finds space in the design with a 10-m wide aquarium taking pride of place in the house.

The shell design chandeliers in the living room overwhelms you with a sense of déjà vu? It was made at the same factory that supplied to Atlantis the Palm.

The lovely villa was designed largely by the Danube chairman's son Adel and his wife Sana, while an interior designer based out of Italy implemented their ideas to make this a dream home. One of the highlights of the design is the accent on natural light. That, combined with the white décor and white wall shades – white, incidentally, is Rizwan Sajan’s favourite colour – lend the mansion a modern chic look.

With small children living in the house, several areas have been child proofed Image Credit: Supplied

A lot of thought went into selecting and including each element in the design. Keeping in mind the small children in the house, several areas were child proofed. The lift buttons for example, are placed at a slightly higher level while the adult pool area is neatly barricaded when not in use.

The house should be a place where you can relax, refresh and feel rejuvenated, and clearly Rizwan Sajan’s home epitomises these facets.

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