Prep 10 m
Cook 10m


    2 medium onions, sliced

    1 green chili, sliced

    1/4 cup of green peas (fresh or frozen)

    1 tblspn, peeled, split black lentils

    2 tblspn, split chickpeas

    1 tblspn fresh coriander, chopped

    1/2 tblspn minced ginger

    1 tblspn clarified butter

    100gm of sorghum or jowar vermicelli

    1 tspn salt

    1 sprig of curry leaf

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Sauté the vermicelli for a couple of minutes, to roast it a bit. You could add a dash of clarified butter in the pan, helps prevent the vermicelli from sticking together later on.

Keep aside. Take a deep pan, add the clarified butter or ghee (full of natural nutrients), as it warms, put in the mustard seeds, split lentils and split chickpeas. Then the fresh green peas.

As it changes colour to a mild gold, add the ginger and onions with a the salt. Stir on a medium flame till onions become soft. Add the the green chilly and curry leaf. Finally add the coriander and the vermicelli. Mix well.

After a couple of minutes add hot water, just enough to cover the sorghum mix. Leave covered for a minute on a high flame. Should be done.

Lower the flame, mix gently. To finish off, you can add a few dabs of butter, if so desired. Serve hot.