Watch: Kadu Manga or Kerala mango pickle

This is a cooked pickle recipe and includes raw mangoes, ginger and garlic, mustard seeds, sesame seed oil, chilli powder, and fenugreek powder.

Preparation time: 30 minutes


4 medium-sized mangoes

2 tsps salt

½ tsp (Hing) asafoetida

1 pod of garlic

2-inch piece of ginger

1 tsp of fenugreek

2 tsps gingelly or coconut oil

1 tsp mustard seeds

2 sprigs of curry leaves

½ teaspoon turmeric powder

2-3 tbsp of Kashmiri chilli powder

200 ml hot water

1 teaspoon vinegar


Step: 1

Wash and clean the mangoes thoroughly. Wipe well, as we will be using the skin as well.

Step: 2

Cut the mangoes into small pieces with the skin.

Step: 3

Keep the mango pieces preferably in a glass bowl. Add two teaspoons of salt and ½ teaspoon of hing. Mix well and allow resting for two to three hours with its lid closed.

Step: 4

Meantime, take one pod of garlic, remove the skin and then slice it into small pieces and keep aside.

Step: 5

Take the ginger, cut it into small pieces, and keep it aside.

Step: 6

In a small pan, dry roast one teaspoon of fenugreek and powder it with a mortar and pestle or a coffee grinder, and keep aside.

Step: 7

Heat two teaspoons of gingelly oil in a pan and splutter one teaspoon of mustard seeds in it. Add sliced garlic and ginger and cook for a minute, until the raw smell dissipates.

Step: 8

Add two sprigs of curry leaves and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder.

Step: 9

Then add two to three tablespoons of Kashmiri chilli powder and mix well for 10 to 15 seconds on low flame.

Step: 10

Add 200 ml of water and one teaspoon of vinegar and allow it to boil. Also, add half a teaspoon of the roasted fenugreek powder and then put off the flame.

Step: 11

Add the mango pieces with or without the juice from it and continuously stir for a few minutes. Add more salt, if required.

The pickle is ready. Transfer it to a bowl and allow it to cool before storing it in a jar. Keep it in the refrigerator for longer use.

Recipe courtesy: Sobha Varghese is a homemaker based in Mumbai, India. Sobha runs a popular YouTube blog called ‘Sobha's Kitchenette’ that focuses on authentic and traditional Kerala recipes

Video by: Raji Varghese, Special to Gulf News