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Now you can fit your number plate with an Expo 2020 logo for Dh200 through the RTA Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai motorists can now fit their number plates with Expo 2020 logos as of Sunday, February 2, the Roads and Transport Authority have said. “The launch of this initiative aims to support Dubai’s hosting of Expo 2020, and motorists will now be able to have their vehicle plates replaced with the Expo logo. The service costs Dh200 per plate in addition to a nominal fee for fixing logos,” said Abdullah Yousuf Al Ali, CEO of the Licensing Agency at the RTA.

“The launch date of the initiative is on 02/02/2020. Interested clients can apply online through RTA’s website ( They will be issued with new plates fitted with the Expo logo within three days from the nearest customers happiness centre or centres of RTA service providers across Dubai.

Abdullah Yousuf Al Ali, CEO of the Licensing Agency at the RTA Image Credit: Supplied

“The underlying objective of the initiative is to encourage motorists to engage in the atmosphere of Expo 2020; a premier business, tourist and promotional event. About 25 million people are expected to visit the Expo; the biggest exhibition in the UAE and the world over.

“In September 2019, the RTA rolled out an initiative for supporting Expo 2020 by offering 20 number plates bearing the Expo logo in a public auction. Plates also resembled dates of the first world expo, the UAE’s first participation, and Dubai winning the bid to host Expo 2020,” added Al Ali.