Dubai Bling
'Dubai Bling' premieres on October 27. Image Credit: Netflix

Get a glimpse into the lives of the rich and successful in Dubai through Netflix’s upcoming Arabic reality show ‘Dubai Bling’, which premieres on October 27.

The docu-soap follows 10 millionaires “who are living their wildest dreams” in the city, according to a statement from the streamer.

The cast of ‘Dubai Bling’ will feature well-known faces from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, India and Australia — all of whom call Dubai home.

Viewers will get behind-the-scenes access to the daily lives of people in real estate and entertainment, to socialites and influencers. The series will also show how they built their empires.

The statement added that the show is “set against the backdrop of luxury cars, runway-fresh fashion, exotic resorts and exclusive access to the city’s most popular restaurants and late night hotspots.”

Netflix has been ramping up its Arabic content in the recent past. It recently announced its first Kuwaiti called ‘The Cage’, which releases on September 23.

The light-hearted dramedy features beloved stars including Khaled Ameen, Hussain AlMahdi, Rawan Mahdi, Lamya Tareq and Hessah AlNabhan.

According to a statement, Khaled Ameen plays a social counsellor who is working with a married couple, played by Hussain AlMahdi and Rawan Mahdi, to address their differences and better understand each other’s perspective to save their marriage. While the counsellor is helping them reconnect, he’s facing his struggles in his personal life, too.

Other Arabic projects that have been championed by the streaming giant include shows ‘Jinn’, ‘AlRawabi School for Girls’ and ‘Paranormal’, among others.