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It appears the makes of ‘Game of Thrones’ were simply too busy wrapping up the fantasy series on schedule to pay attention to plastic water bottles left on display in the final episode of the show.

Indeed, if episode four’s ‘coffeegate’ blooper wasn’t enough to keep the makers on their toes, ‘The Iron Throne’ repeated the faux pas by leaving a couple of plastic water bottles partially visible when [SPOILERS] the council of Lords and Ladies convenes to decide the fate of the Seven Kingdoms and Jon Snow.

Eagle-eyed fans on social media spotted the first one at the 46.19 mark in the episode, with the rogue bottle peeking out from behind Samwell Tarly’s (John Bradley) foot.

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Another water bottle pops up behind Ser Davos’ chair (Liam Cunningham), partially hidden between him and Gendry (Joe Dempsie).

Social media, naturally, erupted in a series of tweets.

“Last time it was coffee cup now it’s a plastic water bottle,” tweeted Buhari Sama. ‏

“Oh boy, that #waterbottle in the #gameofthrones finale ought to cause quite the uproar. Looks like we’ve got a Water Bottle Gate on our hands. Bottle Gate? There was to be a better name for this I’m just not thinking of,” tweeted Matthew Allen.

“Cheeky plastic water bottle in #Westeros. #BranTheBroken, first order of business, give the people reusable water bottles to drink from. Save our planet! #GameOfThronesfinal #gameofthrones #DemThrones #GOTSeasonFinale #ProtectoroftheRealm,” tweeted Andrea Gilly.

Earlier, a rogue coffee cup had been left abandoned on a table in a scene featuring Daenerys, during a celebratory dinner after the Night King is defeated. Following the criticism, HBO responded with a press statement, stating: “The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea.”

Later, the cup was digitally removed from the episode.