Prithviraj and Nazriya Nazim Image Credit: Supplied

South Indian superstar Prithviraj and director Anjali Menon of Banglore Days fame were in Sharjah for the last two days filming crucial scenes for their upcoming Malayalam film Koode, Gulf News tabloid! can reveal.

It’s Prithviraj’s 100th film, but the 35-year-old actor tells us that he hasn’t been keeping track of the staggering statistic. He was busy doing challenging films.

“But I have no reason to complain because I started acting at a very young age. I was one of the fortunate few who started doing weighty roles right from the beginning. I remember playing the sub-inspector of police when I was 20 and a I remember playing a 54-year-old Anglo Indian writer when I was 19. So I was pushed into the deep end right from the start of my career… All my learning has been done on the job,” said Prithviraj in an interview over the phone before his return from the UAE.

His 100th film Koode is one of the most anticipated films of Malayalam films this year. While Prithivraj wasn’t keen to dwell on the details of the Sharjah shoot, he said that the Middle East plays a pivotal role in the film. But he was more than happy to talk up Menon, a director who he claims is splendid at her job. Need further proof? Watch Manjaadikuru and Banglore Days, two superlative films in Malayalam.

“When Anjali called me to be a part of her first film Manjaadikuru, I found it very interesting and refreshing… From then on, I have held Anjali in very high regard and it’s not just me, but the entire industry,” said Prithviraj.

He plays Joshua, a disgruntled young man in this coming-of-age story Koode.

Local line producer Mini Sarma of Seven Media, who facilitated the shoot for Koode in Sharjah at an oil refinery, also speaks highly of the Koode team.

“It is incredible that my first job as a line producer was for Raju’s [Prithviraj] film Thanthonni and now I am working on his 100th film as a line producer… Both Anjali and him are very good at their jobs and swiftly wrapped up their shooting schedule in Sharjah within the allocated time. They both have production backgrounds and therefore are very efficient,” said Sarma.

Sarma has also worked on films such as Salman Khan’s Race 3 and Saaho along with media company TwoFour54.

“They were here in Sharjah just for two days. Apart from the heat, everything went smoothly,” said Sarma.

Read the full interview with Prithviraj in Gulf News tabloid! soon.