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After more than 20 years in the public eye, Jessica Simpson is shedding light on some of the darker sides of her private life.

The former pop star, who also runs a successful fashion line, is publishing ‘Open Book’, a new memoir slated to hit shelves February 4, in which she reveals childhood sexual abuse and the role it played in her addiction to alcohol and pills.

“There is power in truth,” Simpson, 39, recently told People magazine.

She had considered an earlier offer to write a motivational guide to “living your best life,” she told People. But she turned down the opportunity, admitting she was “rock-bottom” from her addiction.

“I’m a horrible liar,” she said in the interview. “I didn’t feel comfortable talking about myself in a way that wasn’t true or honest.”

It took countless hours of therapy, rehab and support from family, especially former NFL player and husband Eric Johnson, to help Simpson battle the demons and get back on her feet.

Simpson took to Twitter to express how recording the audiobook of her memoir “was one of the most purposeful experiences of my career.” She will also be releasing new songs with the memoir, which she called the “musical counterpart to the story.”