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Drew Barrymore debuted her brand new talk show on Monday night, and she did it with the perfect guest line-up: actresses Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, her ‘Charlie’s Angels’ co-stars.

The nostalgic reunion comes 20 years after the actresses appeared in the film, which spurred on a sequel, ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle’, in 2003.

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“I couldn’t begin this journey without two women who have been part of my heart for over 20 years. We are friends, we are fellow angels,” said Barrymore, calling Diaz and Liu her “partners in crime and life”.

While it appeared that all three were sitting in socially distant armchairs on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’ set together, it quickly became apparent that while Liu and Barrymore were physically in the same studio, Diaz had been beamed in via a super realistic hologram — making the reunion feel as 2020 as possible.

“You’ve got to try this, it’s so incredible,” joked Diaz, 48, whose image could dissolve and reappear at a second’s notice. “The ether, the little particles going out into space and coming back, re-massing into this beautiful space. You guys, it’s crazy, you should try it, it tingles.”

Meanwhile, Barrymore reminisced about the franchise that brought the trio together.

“The thing about ‘Charlie’s Angels’ is that it’s about girls who can do all of these things and love each other and [not] have competition and support each other and laugh and want to talk about love and life so much that they actually start to talk about love and life while they’re fighting, because women are so like that,” said the 45-year-old actress.

“It all intersects. And that is why I asked you guys here today ... because if you’re going to do something big, you want to do it with your girlfriends.”

Liu also took a moment to give thanks to the film that brought them to one another.

“My dear Angels, it’s a 20-year-reunion. 20 years ago, we were an elite crime-fighting team — and now look at us,” said the 51-year-old actress.

Barrymore also recreated ‘50 First Dates’ with the help of a heavily bearded Adam Sandler; the skit, which was their ‘5000th date together’, was updated to include references such as the ongoing pandemic, the existence of Netflix and the pair’s 40-year-old daughter.