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Adam Driver Image Credit: AP

Headlines exploded around the world with stories of Hollywood star Adam Driver’s alleged bad behavior that resulted in the ‘Star Wars’ actor assaulting an elderly co-star with a chair?

The victim of this supposed assault was Portuguese actress Lidia Franco, who alleged the incident occurred on the set of ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’, which was described as, “aggression camouflaged with a chair.”

As the story snowballed, Franco, who was 73 at the time of filming, came out to clarify the story, calling the whole thing a “misunderstanding”, in a statement to NiT, while adding the true meaning of her tale was lost in translation from Portuguese to English.

“Our characters, in the movie The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, had to be physically close. I considered the actor’s behaviour to be rude because, in the preparation of a scene, he didn’t take the care I believe he should have taken. Our characters had to be physically close and, every time he stood up with the force of the character to do the rest of the scene, the chair in which he was sitting would bump into me with some force, which bothered me,” Franco was quoted as saying.

Adam Driver in The Man Who Killed Don Quixote Image Credit: GN Archives

She further added that Driver repeated the behaviour, despite her being uncomfortable. The movie in question had a limited release in 2019 and filmed in 2017.

Franco also claimed that Driver wouldn’t allow extras to look at him or be around him resulting in several being fired. However, the film’s production company has refuted that claim.

The actress has now come out to clear the air, saying the original interview was just her “venting” but “with no intention to bring any harm. It wasn’t assault, nor did I ever feel or report that it was the intention of the actor. I am sorry for the misunderstanding,” she said.