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Konkona Sen Sharma. Image Credit:

Want to be put to sleep hearing the soothing voice of your favourite Bollywood stars?

Your dream can now be your reality as Bollywood actors Konkona Sen Sharma, Rahul Bose and Amol Parashar lend their voices to ‘Sleep Stories’, part of an app that is designed to ease stress and improve the quality of sleep.

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Rahul Bose.

The stars will narrate a 30-minute story combined with soothing ambient music. These stories, launched by Mindhouse, are designed to help you drift off to sleep easily. While Sharma will use her vocal talents for the fictional tale ‘A Swiss Adventure”, Bose will narrate ‘A Night In The Story’, a highly imaginative tale.

“As an actor, director and a sportsperson living life at full throttle, I know a good night’s sleep is the indispensable foundation on which everything rests. So it was a pleasure to work on a project that centres around the arts — imagination, creativity, the magic of words — and around the value of sleep,” Bose said in a statement.

Sharma mirrors his thoughts.

“It’s heartening to see an Indian start-up shedding so much light on the importance of good sleep ... It forms a huge part of a healthy mental state, so it’s good to see that people are being provided with useful tools and resources to help them get the rest they need for a healthy life,” said Sharma.

Its founder is also convinced of the app’s de-stressing powers.

“Sleep Stories can act as a great, and extremely accessible entry point into meditation,” said co-founder Pooja Khanna in a statement.

“They can help people get comfortable and more familiar with the technique of Visualisation, through the format of a story that’s easy to follow. They can then build on this by attending more structured sessions, as they gradually start putting together a regular meditation routine,” she added.

Sleep Stories are available in the official Mindhouse app.