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A surge in the availability of digital media has occurred over the past decade, fuelled in part by the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010. Children in this digital age are constantly inundated by technology — they are spending an increasing amount of time typing on devices or tapping on screens, and are thus less likely to spend time outside or engage in physical activity. Research suggests that children and adolescents who watch television or play video games may engage in more mindless eating. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the US, rates of obesity for children and adolescents jumped from 19 per cent pre-pandemic to 22 per cent today.

As parents, what can we do to provide more enjoyable, healthy and contended childhoods for our children, to let them grow and thrive?

Trampo Extreme is offering to be part of the solution. Trampo Extreme not only provides safe and immersive physical experiences but also drives valuable emotional experiences for children. Ghassan Assi, Chief Operating Officer of Trampo Extreme, says, “Parents today have to play a leadership role in directing their children towards physical activities. These are essential for the human species to grow and perpetuate.”

Trampo Extreme is a company based in Kuwait, which provides engaging, safe and secure active play enjoyment experiences for kids and families across the Middle East and North Africa. The company is constantly evolving to increase safety measures on-site and provide inclusive and memorable emotional experiences for its customers. “We were the first to take active play to the next level in providing immersive and safe experiences and in weaving a net of operational continuity and safety across the entire organisation,” explains Assi.

With the rapid improvement of technology, Trampo Extreme’s innovative business unfolds itself around the question how can the active play leisure sector evolve with technology? In the past few years, virtual reality became one of the upheavals shifting the industry.

Within a fairly short period, Trampo Extreme has been able to establish itself as a major player in the MENA leisure industry with its innovative and disruptive concept of entertainment. And it is not hindered by its current comfort. The company is actively seeking additional international engagements with the business community to build a wider network of relationships and contacts ranging from suppliers to designers and operators. For instance, Trampo Extreme is on the board of directors of Middle East and North Africa Leisure and Attraction Council, (MENALAC). It becomes an open platform for the company to share and spread its business innovation to other congenital regional operators and suppliers.