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Dubai: There’s good news in store for passengers travelling out of Dubai, as both airports in the emirate now offer free and unlimited high-speed WiFi.

Dubai Airports on Sunday rolled out the upgraded service across Dubai International and Dubai World Central, following extensive research into passenger expectations.

Michael Ibbitson, Executive Vice President of Business Technology at Dubai Airports, said: “As the world’s largest international hub we are the heart of many journeys across the world today.”

According to Dubai Airports, the upgrade of the airport’s WiFi infrastructure was launched after the success of a four-month pilot project that was launched at Concourse D in July earlier this year.

“When our passengers arrive in Dubai after a long journey they now expect to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world. To enable this, Dubai Airports has invested heavily in developing a state of the art infrastructure to deliver industry leading Wi-Fi capability,” said Ibbitson.

To ensure the speed and reliability of the new service, Dubai Airports is currently investing in over 6,000 new WiFi access points to upgrade the entire wireless network infrastructure across both airports, with a bandwidth capacity sufficient to power a small city.

“It is just one of many initiatives we have undertaken to serve and delight the 83 million passengers that will pass through our airports this year,” he said.