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Waseem Ashraf Qureshi CEO, Founder and Partner of Infusion Group & Kilowatt Labs Image Credit: Supplied

The pandemic has changed the way businesses operate. What kind of innovations or strategies have you implemented to drive revenues and generate new opportunities in the past 12 months?

We have primarily utilised a lot of time during the pandemic in rolling out some of our new innovations, including EV Supercap. Fortunately for us, the need for resilience in energy due to remote working has led to high demand from the commercial and the residential storage sectors. Ensuring production to meet this demand has been a key focus for us. We set up virtual meetings with our customers to increase the reach, presence and availability, arranged for virtual factory tours for customers to help them understand the company’s profile and production capacity, and we also concentrated more on social media, using it as an effective channel for marketing.

Could you tell us a bit on your key innovations, highlighting how they have made a difference in the energy sector?

We manufacture non-chemical storage which can replace chemical batteries in every application. Thanks to our technology, now energy storage is available that doesn’t degrade during its life, has at least 2.5 times the life of chemical batteries, isn’t affected by ambient temperature, is non-toxic, non-combustible, 100 per cent recyclable and cheaper than chemical batteries. We have now penetrated a multiple of industries changing how they operate by making renewables feasible, lowering capex through optimisation and disrupting the EV market in a big way.

How do you visualise the growth trajectory for the group in the short and long term?

This year, in particular, we have noticed a rapid and high growth for our products and solutions globally, as we enter more diverse markets like EV and grid storage. In addition to consistent innovation, research and development embedded in the company’s culture, we will continue to improve and create more innovative products. We have recently signed a major deal with The Ghani Group in Pakistan and are proud to announce that work is starting on a 13-acre supercap manufacturing facility in Pakistan. We are also in discussion with other companies for building manufacturing facilities in Europe, West Africa, and Egypt.

As a leading name in the UAE’s energy sector, what initiatives have you taken to the help the country enhance energy efficiency?

We are working with many corporate and government organisations to deploy storage solutions to enhance their energy efficiencies. We have brought sustainable technology solutions to the UAE and proudly mention that the country of origin of our products is the UAE. We have offered Etisalat a solution where we have reduced their dependency on fossil fuel-based operation by up to 65 per cent.

What are your expansion plans?

We have established the world’s largest supercap storage manufacturing plant in the UAE and will expand production as we scale to meet demand by launching products in new sectors such as EV, grid storage and consumer storage. We have just signed up for another facility in Pakistan with the Ghani Group and we hope to close discussions soon for facilities in Europe, West Africa, and Egypt. This is also important to highlight that we have a huge manufacturing facility at Dubai Industrial City, which is built on a six acres of land.

Finally, how would you like to strengthen your presence in Pakistan?

We are establishing a supercap cell manufacturing plant with a leading industrial group in Pakistan. This partnership will enable us to produce supercap storage in a cost-effective way, meet the significant demand for storage in the country, as well as export goods from Pakistan. This new venture will boost Pakistan’s exports and create job opportunities by setting up a local distribution network.

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