Service My Car
With the new funds coming in, Service My Car gets a lift for plans to expand coverage to all of the Gulf markets. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Oman’s Bahwan is pumping $10 million into Service My Car, the online repair and service booking platform. This is the latter’s first seed funding round.

Bahwan is one of Oman's highly diversified family-owned groups and with extensive interests in the automotive trade.

“It is an emerging time for the automotive ecosystem as investors are noticing the benefits of technology and digitization in the industry,” said Ozair Puda, CEO of Service My Car. “With the infusion of this capital, we are looking forward to extending this convenience, affordability and transparency to all GCC car owners.”

Service My Car launched in 2018 and is part of the wave of digital-focussed businesses that want to re-write the rules in the local and regional automotive sector. This is already seen in the car rental business, with variations such as pay-by-minute ride offers.

Digital has also entered the frame in the selling and servicing of vehicles, with leading dealerships now launching their own online platforms.

Most innovation has been focused on garage-level process improvements, but until now, businesses have not focused on end-user convenience and affordability. Service My Car has shown exceptional results since inception with a growth rate of 200% during its first year and 300% this past year

- Spokesperson of Bahwan


Service My Car is offering 12-month labor and parts warranty. “We are hoping to extend our services offered with car detailing, service contracts, roadside assistance, 4x4 accessories, car insurance, car rental and mobile service to become the one-stop online solution for all car needs,” added Ozair.