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As the report of PwC suggests “32 per cent of all customers will walk away from a brand they loved after one bad experience. And nowadays, 59 per cent of customers are feeling that companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience.”

RAYA Customer Experience (RAYA CX), a global-leading customer experience management company is laying this matter at its heart, devoting itself to providing superior services for its clients to minimize friction, maximise efficiency, and meanwhile maintain a human element.

“We need to make sure that every customer interacts with us, with the brand that we're serving, that they are not actually feeling that there is a robot, or an automated bot is dealing with them. They need to feel the heartbeat and we do a lot of work to make sure that this is happening,” said Sam Hanna, CRO at RAYA CX.

Riding with the wave of digitization, during its 21 years of dedication, RAYA CX witnesses a huge transformation within the customer experience industry and manages to always stand on the frontline of the revolution.

Support Functions Director at RAYA CX, Maggi Dewedar explains that digitalization is navigating the industry to a different era, “this digital transformation did not only include the more utilization of tools and systems within the customer experience providers, but it included also a major change in the behavior of our customers.”

Putting this as an essential factor in performing its service, RAYA CX provides an end-to-end customers experience solution, defining the touch points of deployed media as well as interpreting the metrics to measure the success of the interactions mainly through 3 steps:

- Mapping the customers’ journeys

- Exploring different touch points whether human, digital or hybrid

- Defining the channels of interactions

By doing so, RAYA CX can offer its clients the highest level of customer satisfaction and is recognized as one of the Global 100 Outsourcing Companies by IAOP.

Furthermore, RAYA CX has established long-term partnerships with various leading companies across different industries. One of its numerous Fortune 50 clients is General Motors. Bianca Hadwin, SD Head OnStar at GM Middle East praises RAYA CX’s expertise, “RAYA’s understanding of the region was paramount to OnStar’s success in the Middle East and they have proven their adaptability as we intended to grow.”

As RAYA CX is carrying the torch of deeply valuing people in its business, it also pledges its passion to its employees and society, as Ahmed Refky, CEO at RAYA CX says, “we're in the people business, and people serve people. The most important core value in the service that we deliver is the human factor, so the human factor here reflects or translates into people. We take care of our people.”

RAYA CX commits itself to championing youth development, for example, their initiative called Empower Your Future aims to cultivate young talents and narrows the gap between education and employment. “This program is actually to give the necessary skills to the youth, to provide them a fair chance to apply for the job market, and to close that gap between the skills they have, and the skills needed for the job market,” Mr. Refky elaborates.

To move towards a promising future, RAYA CX will sustain the premise of its leading position within the EMEA region and thrive to explore more possibilities on the global stage, predominantly driving revenues and fueling business growth for its clients.