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Mobility is a central part of everyday life. Being able to move independently and freely at any time has become a matter of course. The solution lies in mobility, which is available at all times and can be accessed quickly and easily thanks to the latest technology. In Saudi Arabia, the open economy and welcoming tourism industry are driving nationwide growth in the car rental segment. Customers have access to innovative technologies and hygienic, individualised mobility, which are boosting business in the long term.

Attractive mobility in cities through Key Car Rental

The development of Saudi Arabia's tourism industry is primarily due to the car rental segment, as tourists benefit immensely from its advantages. As an addition to the urban mobility mix, flexible car rental meets the desire for spontaneous mobility without having to worry about fuel supply, maintenance and care. Customers remain mobile at all times even without their own car and reduce the time spent by introducing digital technology.

Key Car Rental's user-friendly technologies support its customers throughout the rental process. In doing so, Key Car Rental ensures to provide its customers with a top-notch customer experience and remain a leader in the industry. For its private and corporate customers, the company offers premium and comprehensive mobility solutions and operates a diverse fleet of modern, reliable, and highly functional vehicles that meet the needs of all types of businesses and private customers.

To ensure modern mobility and ongoing innovation, Key Car Rental offers the latest model of cars to provide its customers the most up-to-date and reliable fleet. The fact that Key Car Rental is the perfect partner in terms of global business cooperation is particularly evident when looking at the services offered to national and international customers. The partnership is the key to making the company's brand known beyond its geographical borders.

Moving towards the future of mobility without borders

Key Car Rental Company is one of the first, largest, and fastest-growing car rental companies in Saudi Arabia. It has over 50 branches in all major cities across the country and is leading the industry with innovative and global visions.

The kingdom has seen a significant increase in the number of vehicles per household over the past three years. Despite the sharp increase in households and private vehicles, the car rental industry is experiencing unprecedented high demand due to the country's booming tourism industry. It is this stimulus, above all, that creates room for innovation and further development.

Innovation as an everyday journey

For Key Car Rental, innovation is an everyday journey. The corresponding technology is the central element in the entire car rental experience. The company is committed to continuing to explore the best solutions for leveraging digital technologies to ensure a world-class customer experience.

The fact that Key Car Rental is the perfect partner for new technologies is particularly evident with regard to electric mobility. Key Car Rental is already involved with future technologies, such as the introduction of electric car fleets and GPS accident location systems. The company is convinced that innovation will sustainably improve the development of the industry in the future.