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The digital age has revolutionised the way that society connects and communicates. In today’s modern world, we are witnessing significant advancements in technology and communications that would have been unimaginable 20 years ago. Kalaam Telecom Group identified an opportunity to bridge a gap in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) by providing agile and cutting-edge digital solutions that are tailored to the needs of enterprises, government entities and global carriers.

Founded in 2005 with humble beginnings as a voice operator, Kalaam quickly transformed as one of the leading telecommunications providers for businesses and became the second-largest ISP for enterprises in Bahrain. Kalaam realised quite early that connectivity is a commodity and enterprises, especially SMEs, contributing to the majority of the economy, require industry-specific digital solutions to differentiate and stay competitive. To allow businesses to move up the value chain, Kalaam introduced next-gen digital solutions portfolio such as voice and communication, cloud, managed networks, cybersecurity, IoT and big data, ICT and datacentre to its business practices.

Kalaam continued its growth journey organically and inorganically, acquiring four established telecom companies in Bahrain and Kuwait. In 2022, Kalaam also launched its operations in Saudi Arabia, the biggest and fastest-growing economy in the Gulf, acquiring ISP, SMS, voice, cloud and vybersecurity licences, allowing expanded presence to six global offices.

Kalaam’s subsidiary brand, Kalaam Carrier Solutions, provides a fully integrated, simplified and consultative approach to connect global telecommunication carriers from the US, Europe and Asia into Mena. Today, the group proudly boasts one of the strongest network infrastructures with 53 Points of Presence (PoP) and multiple regional data centres, allowing it to become one of the top 3 data service providers in Mena.

Despite being a niche player and a disrupter in the market, the group is continuously striving as a thought leader with an agile and challenger mindset, customer-first approach and is ambitious to cater to the future needs of businesses. These main drivers of the company are reflected in how it is impacting enterprises and global carriers while remaining focused on innovation at every stage.