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Founded in 2008, the Exness group is a global multi-asset broker actively reshaping the online trading sector, with the goal of maximising their client’s market trading potential by providing high standards and conditions on currencies, crypto, stocks, indices, metals and commodities.

Exness is recognised by Finance Magnates as the largest global retail broker in regard to trading volume and active trader count. The company is focused on supplying stability and increased standards of trade for its clients to ensure market security and longevity.

The company's commitment to high-quality standards in the market sphere and dedication to customer care is noted by its stable, yet monumental growth, which has seen the company achieve record-breaking trading columns in 2022 with $2.8 trillion as of August 2022, with an active client base exceeding 350,000.

“We have more active trading clients than any other broker firm and the reason we’re doing that is that we’re constantly innovating on our products, we’re always making our products more competitive," says Damian Bunce, Chief Trading Officer at Exness.

Transparent and client centric development

Exness services provide favourable working conditions for their clients and for traders with competitive commission rates, instant fund withdrawal 24/7 and the ability to trade across a multitude of platforms from MT4 and MT5 to MultiTerminal and mobile platforms. Additionally, the company offers multi-faceted accounts dependent on trader and client needs.

The Exness business model is focused on delivering transparent and consistent service to its clients and employees. The company's commitment to high-quality standards and the well-being of its people is a core strength across multiple levels of the business.

Exness proudly acknowledges the majority of its success is derived from the accomplishments of its employees ringing true throughout the business. The company is committed to the continued success of its teams by providing exceptional conditions that encourage growth, skill development and opportunities through various levels of the business.

Additionally, the company regularly hosts and participates in company-wide team-building activities to promote and encourage active team cohesion to enable employees to develop and progress across all departments.

“From the personal perspective, we are doing a lot for the families, taking care of [the] spouses of our employees, their kids and creating the environment where the whole family of the employee is happy being with Exness," says Elena Krutova, Global Head of People at Exness.

Client and employee satisfaction is paramount to Exness, which consistently stays above trend to deliver dependable and straight forward, cutting-edge products and solutions that ensure their recognised marketing leading position is well deserved.