Clockwise, standing from left: Salem Ahmed Al Sharji, Equity Partner, Iconic Middle East Investment; Max Lautenschläger, COO and Co-Founder, Iconic Holding; Oliver von Wolff, CFO and Managing Director, Iconic Middle East Investment, and Patrick Lowry, CEO and Co-Founder, Iconic Holding Image Credit: Supplied

Please elaborate on Iconic Holding’s service portfolio?

Investors need exposure to the growth of crypto assets but are unfamiliar with how to invest and are largely uncomfortable with cryptographic technology. Iconic Holding’s sub-brands, Iconic Funds and Iconic Lab, are the gateway to institutional-grade crypto asset investment opportunities. We provide investors both passive and actively managed exposure to crypto assets, as well as venture investment opportunities, through professionally managed investment vehicles.

Share some information on Iconic Holding’s most popular investment products

Iconic Funds and its subsidiaries are the crypto asset management arm of Iconic. The Iconic Funds group issues exchange traded products (ETPs) physically backed by crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, as well as diversified crypto index funds for qualified and professional investors. We recently launched a Multi-Manager platform where investors may find actively managed strategies from emerging managers that leverage quantitative and algorithmically driven crypto investment strategies. Iconic’s aim is to be the one-stop-shop for investors seeking exposure to crypto assets through our various strategies.

What is the Iconic Lab all about?

Iconic Lab is our venture capital arm, investing in the most disruptive and innovative decentralized business models being built in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. We have invested in over a dozen early-stage projects and are preparing to launch a new venture capital fund later this year. Some of our most recognisable investments include Unibright, INDX and Braincities. We look forward to exploring the UAE venture ecosystem as a source for new investment opportunities and using our global network to help our companies scale.

How mature is the UAE market for crypto assets, how do you see the sector growing here in the long term?

The UAE crypto market is in its relative infancy, however there is great demand and enthusiasm for crypto assets and some amazing companies being built here. Many leading blockchain companies abroad are also targeting their own international expansion plans within the UAE. Given the quality of developers in the UAE, coupled with access to capital and an accessible regulatory environment, the UAE is well positioned to be a global leader in the blockchain ecosystem.

What are Iconic Holding’s expansion plans?

Iconic is always growing. We put a strong emphasis on building new products investors are seeking with regards to crypto assets, such as new crypto ETPs and thematic investment funds. We are also expanding internationally to make our products more accessible to investors abroad. We recently opened a new office within the DIFC and are immensely excited to make our investment products available to regional investors in the near future. We are very excited to be a part of the UAE crypto ecosystem and look forward to working with local partners to drive the adoption of crypto assets and blockchain together.