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Data is crucial for investors and financial professionals to make investment decisions and is at the core of today’s digital financial ecosystem. Investment professionals use data to perform research and analysis of the stock market and determine how to improve the performance of an investment portfolio. It is not a secret that in order to make smarter investing decisions, access to high-quality, comprehensive, and connected data is key.

FactSet is an industry-leading data and analytics technology company, that delivers comprehensive and connected content, flexible next-generation workflow solutions, and specialised support, with anytime, anywhere access, to over 170,000 investment professionals globally to improve their efficiency and productivity.

“We listen to our clients to understand their needs, their pain points and then define the solutions they require according to their existing workflows and technology,” says Carl Cedstrand, Senior Director of EMEA Sales at FactSet.

FactSet dedicated over 40 years to providing high-quality data, seamlessly combining it with third-party and proprietary data to help investment companies keep their competitive edge and act on opportunity while reducing costs. Within its 16 years in the EMEA region, FactSet has grown rapidly, delivering personalized solutions to the region’sl financial institutions while maintaining a strong focus on technological innovation.

As an example, FactSet recently collaborated with CID to offer Artificial Intelligence(AI)-driven prospecting and investment solutions, enabling industry professionals to improve operational efficiency and build high-quality investment solutions.

“As a region, we were the first to implement this new innovative solution with a client, it helped improve their efficiency and productivity and eventually their return on investment. We combined our unique data with their proprietary data and CID AI technology to help them prioritize their resources and focus on the opportunities that will yield the best results,” explains Pascale Wazen Palpied, Director of EMEA Sales at FactSet.

The Middle East is seen as one of the globe’s most rapidly growing tech sectors. Digitization efforts are reshaping e-commerce, education, and financial technology across the region as a result of government initiatives and investments. To better serve the clients in the EMEA region, FactSet always holds the principle of being a client-centric company. As Ms. Palpied says, “we are global but at the same time very attached to our regional presence. We understand the trends, the challenges, and the opportunities of our clients and can personalize our service and tailor it to them.”

FactSet is also committed to community building and looking to foster a globally inclusive culture. The FactSet EMEA Women Business Resource Group initiative, for example, enables its employees to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace. And as a result, FactSet has scored 100 on the Corporate Equality Index™, earning the distinction of Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality, for the seventh consecutive year.

Speaking about her experience of being a female leader, Ms Palpied expresses that “being a woman and a leader in the EMEA region came with a set of challenges, especially in the beginning. But the region has changed and there are more gender representations in the sector I am working in, and it makes me proud.”

FactSet will continue to hold its ambitions of providing high-quality data, analytical solutions, and innovative technology to its clients to boost investment successes, “I believe that digital transformation will continue to be a big part of the journey that our clients are going to be facing. As part of that, there will need to be a lot of efficiency improvements. Technology will play a bigger part in how we interact with our clients and how they interact with their clients as well,” says Mr. Cedstrand.