Dr Rajen Kilachand, Chairman and President, The Dodsal Group Image Credit: Supplied

Dr Rajen Kilachand, Chairman and President, The Dodsal Group, believes that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been paramount in ensuring and cementing the relationship and investor confidence for bilateral trade between the two countries.

His company, with its roots proudly embedded in Indian culture, has been successfully trading for more than 70 years, emerging as a main player in the MENA and Asia areas. During the last 37 years, Dr Kilachand has ensured that The Dodsal Group created a significant presence in 22 countries while maintaining high levels of reliability, quality and safety. Dr Kilachand is both an entrepreneur and career philanthropist who has donated a minimum of $200 million in the last 15 years, primarily for education, medical research and healthcare, via donations to universities, medical research foundations and hospitals in India, the UAE and the US. He believes that education is the weapon to change the world.

All his decisions whether for his company or his philanthropic ventures are based on his own values and he lives his professional and personal life against the following code:

“It is essential to follow your instinct. You must absolutely give back to the world — it is one’s duty.”