Betty Nutu, (from left) Marketing Manager VESRA, Ibrahim Abdalla, Managing Director VESRA, Vero Noble, Director of Business Development, Honeywell Global Licensing, Honeywell. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: VESRA, a visionary company dedicated to rethinking, redefining, and renewing the lighting industry, proudly announces the launch of a new range of lighting solutions as an authorised licensee for Honeywell.

This marks a significant milestone in the world of energy-efficient lighting, promising to deliver quality and sustainability to customers in 18 countries within MENA. The products will be introduced gradually, starting with the UAE and Saudi Arabia, two thriving markets paving the way for the expansion strategy.

VESRA is on a mission to bring dynamism and flexibility to every aspect of the lighting industry, from customer service and production to innovation. With a commitment to being 100% customer-oriented, VESRA prioritises its partners' and customers' needs and desires above all else. The company's approach is based on continuous experience, research and testing to add real value and innovation to every product and service.

"Our goal at VESRA is to deliver synchronised innovation, efficiency, and sustainability by continuously listening to our partners and customers and serving their needs,” said Ibrahim Abdalla, Managing Director at VESRA. “By fully understanding the market, leveraging a customer-centred approach, we aim to provide quality through flexibility. On top of this, having alongside a reputed brand such as Honeywell gives us the confidence that the Honeywell lighting product category will soon become a first choice in the lighting industry. We feel honoured to work with Honeywell and to deliver this range of products at the highest standards to the region”.

“We are happy to see our licensees sharing similar values as Honeywell when it comes to technology, innovation, sustainability, and customer care. VESRA is committed to delivering excellence on all levels, and Honeywell is proud to have them as the lighting authorised licensee for the Middle East markets," states Vero Noble, Director of Business Development, Honeywell Global Licensing, Honeywell.

Through this initiative, rooted in a shared vision for excellence in the lighting industry, VESRA serves as a Honeywell authorised licensee for a wide range of lighting solutions, including commercial lighting fixtures, residential smart lights, residential lighting fixtures, outdoor floodlights and security lights, light bulbs and linear tubes.

The Honeywell lighting products—both the LED lamps and luminaries segments—are defined by three main differentiators: value for money, longevity and durability, and brilliant light quality. The products offer impressive lifetime options of up to 100,000 hours, ensuring enduring brilliance. The commitment to brilliant light quality aligns seamlessly with energy efficiency and sustainability, contributing to reduced energy consumption and a brighter future.

The products will be accessible for now through traditional lighting outlets or international retail chains. All details regarding product segments and ranges can be found on the website. The goal is to bring a brighter, more energy-efficient future to customers in the region.