Teal HR
Teal HR’s platform Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai - Teal HR, the personnel motivation and engagement platform, attended the HR Tech MENA Summit organized in Dubai for HR leaders on February 20 and 21. While the summit covered the latest topics in HR, the Teal HR team presented its latest IT solution designed to support and increase staff motivation and engagement.

The solution is a flexible and customisable 6-in-1 tool that combined functionality essential for any HR manager such as peer-to-peer recognition, promotion of essential behavior, virtual coins redeemable for rewards, and internal communication. It also facilitated employee surveys, assessments, as well as 1:1 meetings.

Results-driven tool

Teal HR’s platform was shown to be highly suitable for companies with 50 to over 10,000 employees. It also promised quick ROI by significant improvements in key business metrics, with up to 10 per cent greater customer loyalty and sales bookings each. The tool could lead to 14 per cent better staff productivity and 25 per cent hike in net profits.

The IT solution of Teal HR, which offered rich analytics and reporting functionality, provided staff demographics, inflow, and attraction; adoption and usage by the employees; rankings and leader boards; emission, circulation, and utilization of internal coins, as well as financial reports.

Free trial for companies

More than 40 suppliers presented their solutions to a wide audience, and over 70 speakers delivered presentations on hot topics such as well-being and development of employees, AI (artificial intelligence), and ML (machine learning) in personnel management, building efficient HR processes.

During the summit, the Teal HR team welcomed guests at the JW Marriott Hotel Marina from 8am at stand B5. Their representatives explained and showed the key features of the platform and answered potential questions. Those who were assertive about the engagement and productivity of their personnel were awarded a certificate for a free, fully functional platform trial.