Emani campaign for web

Don’t ever underestimate the influence that you may have on someone else’s life, as each move you make is an opportunity to affect others for the better!

The Emirates Medical Society of Nephrology and Transplantation (EMANT), consisting of a group of experienced Nephrologists interested in having their ideas shared for better kidney health across the United Arab Emirates, is led by its president, Dr. Mona Al Rukhaimi.

On a mission to reduce the suffering of kidney disease patients, this campaign was launched under EMANT Board members, supervised by the chair of the board scientific committee Dr Sheikha Ali. The campaign will cover several topics, including general kidney health, to educate people about the importance of maintaining good health by making lifestyle changes. In addition to combining efforts to slow the progression of chronic kidney diseases (CKD) and raising awareness about these diseases, their symptoms, and causes.

EMANT was fortunate enough to have brought the campaign to life with the partnership of some of the biggest brands in the Nephrology field for which we share the same values and visions.

EMANT and the partners are looking forward to achieving their main goals, which are generating awareness to reduce kidney-related diseases in the region, creating a positive impact on people’s lives, and increasing their awareness of how to deal with chronic kidney disease. In addition, it will focus on promoting good health practices to reduce the possibility of developing other risk factors.

We would like to thank our partners: AMGEN, the American multinational biopharmaceutical company, Baxter International for Kidney Healthcare, the famous and publicly known AstraZeneca for Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnologies, NMC Provita International Medical Center, CSL Vifor for global specialty pharmaceutical, and Astellas, the Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company and Bayer the German chemical and Pharmaceutical Company.

The journey began with aiming for the sky, enjoying every step along the way, and believing that all those little steps would make the journey successful. The 4-chapter campaign started on all our social media platforms, and it will continue all the way to March 2023, which will mark the World Kidney Day celebration.

It's now your turn to help and make a difference!

Visit our website and social media pages (@kidneyhealthforall) to participate in this admirable effort to preserve people's kidneys and improve their health!

For more information visit www.kidneyhealthforall.com