OMODA E5 - the E-Future Ranger
OMODA E5 - the E-Future Ranger Image Credit: Supplied

OMODA, a growing automotive brand headquartered in China, released a sci-fi like video to promote their latest electric SUV – the E-Future Ranger. The company said that the short film boasting cinematic special effects, not only showcases the anthropomorphic image of OMODA's electric SUV, but also perpetuates the brand's cosmic vision encapsulated in the OMODA O-Universe.

The company said in a press release that the ‘OMODA O-Universe’ was created based on the needs and wants of the aspirations and imaginations of the new generation of consumers – Gen Z.

Targeting Gen-Z

In the digital era, Generation Z exhibits a strong identification with crossover culture, virtual worlds, social networking life, and a native internet presence. Regarding automobiles, the brand found, they seek not just traditional means of transportation but view them as embodiments of personal expression, lifestyle attitudes, and cultural layers.

The firm added, “Be it the Fashion Universe, Camping Universe, or Racing Universe, in each of these parallel dimensions enriched by diverse cultures, OMODA vehicles serve not only as conduits shuttling users among various planets but also as bridges linking the real and virtual worlds. This enables users to harvest experiences beyond the ordinary in reality, to achieve the seemingly impossible, and to possess a future that extends infinitely.”

About OMODA E5

A ‘soulful embodiment’ of the O-Universe's green LOHAS concept, OMODA's first all-electric model, the OMODA E5, stands at the frontline of the automotive industry with its technological highlights.

The OMODA E5 is equipped with a highly efficient electric drive system that not only achieves over 94 per cent stable output power but also incorporates a quiet design, significantly enhancing the comfort of the driving experience.

The intelligent cockpit, a major innovation of the OMODA E5, is powered by Qualcomm chips to create a seamless human-vehicle interaction experience. The new vehicle is also equipped with an industry-leading 24.6-inch curved 2K HD dual-screen, providing drivers with an immersive visual experience.

Every design detail of the OMODA E5, the brand reaffirmed, is a robust response to the current trends in automotive technology, reflecting a deep understanding of the lifestyle of young consumers. It propels intelligent mobility into a higher dimension, achieving a perfect fusion of smart technology and green living.

The company said, “The launch of the O-Universe and OMODA E5 might reshape people's perceptions of what a car is and what it can do — leading to a vision where automobiles are not just about traveling from point A to point B but becoming an integral part of a personalized, entertaining, and eco-friendly lifestyle.

“As time progresses, the ‘future’ depicted in the OMODA sci-fi movie trailer may gradually become the ‘present’.”