Innovation Group
Ravi Jethwani - Chief Financial Officer, Innovations Group, Shyo Koshy- Business Head, Innovations Group, Saeed Al Zarooni - Chief Procurement Officer, Ashish Nanda- Founder and Managing Director of Innovations Group, Obaid Bokisha - Managing Director of Etisalat Services Holding LLC, Nikhil Nanda - Operations Head at Innovations Group Image Credit: Supplied

Innovations Group has won the e& Partner Recognition Award 2022 for the Best Outsourcing Agency as it continues to redefine the HR sector in the UAE. The event was organized to honor their outstanding partners under the leadership of e& Group Chief Operations Officer Obaid Bokisha and e& Group Chief Procurement Officer Saeed Al Zarouni.

Innovations Group is the UAE’s leading HR consultancy firm specializing in recruitment, temporary staffing, HR outsourcing, and payroll outsourcing, among others. The company has been in the HR consultancy business for the past 25 years in the UAE and over time has diversified into the GCC, Poland, and other Asian markets all well.

The award honors Innovations Group for fostering company success by offering measurable, strategic business outcomes such as growth, sustainability, competitive advantage, market insights, and addressing new or unfulfilled needs. Receiving the award at the coveted event in Abu Dhabi, Ashish Nanda, the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of Innovations Group UAE, said, “We are grateful and honored to have been given this award by Etisalat UAE by e&”

“I would like to express my appreciation to the e& team for their ongoing commitment and solid strategic alliance. This recognition encourages our firm to keep providing e& with the best-outsourced solutions with top-notch services,” adds Shyo Koshi – Business Head Abu Dhabi. 

This yearly event aims to honor the top-performing partners to inspire motivate and foster competition.

Among the many milestones it touched ever since its inception, Innovations Group is the first HR company in the UAE to launch white-collar outsourcing as a business model. Also, in 2010, Innovations Group became the largest outsourcing provider in the banking industry conducting business with over 50% of all banks in the UAE. Following that, the company penetrated other sectors in the UAE and became the largest outsourcing provider with over 11,000 employees.

Innovations Group is the only outsourcing company in the UAE that developed its own specialized system. It is completely customizable which helps in mirroring the client’s HR processes. The system performs all HR & payroll functions from a centralized location regardless of the nature of the client, industry, or designation of the staff. The staff self-service portal ensures all employee requests are fully filled, wherein documents are available at their fingertips. Their fully automated payroll management increases staff convenience and ensures smooth monthly salary payouts and tracking.

Innovations Group has launched a Job Portal that has been customized and simplified for blue-collar workers to apply for a job directly, without any help or reference.