BRANDS store at City Center Al Zahiya Image Credit: Supplied

The current trend in business wear is geared towards comfort and flexibility. A multitude of companies seem to be encouraging a relaxed, casual corporate culture where employees can wear comfortable outfits in the office. The dichotomy between formal and comfortable is largely a misconception when it comes to a BRANDS suit. A demeanor of professionalism transcends the aura of every BRANDS customer, giving the outlook of credibility and a feeling of comfort.

Whilst the suiting game can be overwhelming and intimidating at times, especially for those starting their career in the opulence and glamour of the city, the vision of Dorgham Shaaban, CEO and Chairman of Dubai-based retail chain BRANDS, was to address this through factory prices to provide high quality, value for money suits.

“At BRANDS, we target our suits to Dubai’s consumer demographics: we offer a classic collection suited to your budget that you can wear on all occasions,” Shaaban said.

Contrary to the luxurious impression provided by other clothing stores, BRANDS focuses on comfort, luxury and price; three elements that are rarely combined. As customers browse through BRANDS’ vast collection, they are attracted to the visual merchandise that best embodies their unique sense of fashion.

Below is a guide to the five types of classic men’s suits you can purchase from BRANDS’ stores for less than Dh1,000.

DKS wool suits

The small, fine strands of wool create a unique appearance simply unmatched by other fabrics. It is chiefly composed of the animal protein keratin making it all-natural and not exposing your skin to harsh chemicals or irritant substances. It also weighs significantly less than other fabrics resulting in a lightweight suit perfectly attuned to Dubai’s hot weather and long working hours.

Given the benefits, wool suits are usually costly but with BRANDS’ efficient production process, the company can offer this premium collection at unparalleled prices.

Jack Morgan three-piece suits

Jack Morgan is a sturdy option for a stylish suit. Curated from a stunning virgin wool-blended fabric, it carries a textured pattern to add elegance to your appearance. Fitted with padded shoulders, a double vent, and notch lapels, the collection creates the perfect balance between classic and modern sophistication.

Cost-effective? Without a doubt.

Mosaique work suit

A suit that means business.

Tailored in cotton-blended fabric, Mosaique suits are highly versatile garments. They are the top choice for men in Dubai where the temperature is consistently high. The suit’s construction is breathable and light, suitable for intense work environments.

Cotton-made suits disseminate cool air, iron easily, and tend to be inexpensive, so their rising popularity is no surprise.

Francisco Tolli travel suit

BRANDS’ travel suits by Francisco Tolli are built to withstand tears and abrasions. Their seams are double sewn to ensure durability while you keep moving. Offers comfort, fit, and a classic style, Francisco Tolli perfectly complements your build and complexion.

The collection is specially manufactured to repel liquids and semi-solids. Hence, it looks fresh even when lightly stained. It is machine washable, which is more convenient and less expensive.

Alberto Paolucci basic suit

Our simple yet sleek collection of suits by Alberto Paolucci is made for everyday wear, woven from hard-working fabric, and loaded with details like two vents and a two-button closure to ensure you always look stylish in the hustle of your day. With a wide variety of colours, patterns, and fits to choose from, we offer a perfect suit for every man.

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