Passengers arrive at Heathrow Airport Britain
Digital and contactless surveys are high the to-do list of airports. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Despite concerns on what it would do to revenues, the aviation and allied industries will not be stinging on adding safety measures against COVID-19 at their operations.

In a survey, 94 per cent of respondents deem contactless/touchless technologies crucial as immediate investments, with mobile for enrollment boarding just behind at 81 per cent.

Actions such as cleaning/disinfection (with 91 per cent) and face masks (at 77 per cent) are also high on the list of must-dos.

New travel rules mandate that airports and airlines are obligated to enforce such use on passengers. Robotics, immunity certificates, and iris biometric identification are the least essential topics for investment, as per the survey, which was carried out by Vision-Box.

It was based on responses from 37 airports, airlines and government agencies, on the theme of “Effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the aviation sector”.

Over 75 per cent of surveyed companies had undertaken measures, primarily to protect staff and to adjust schedules for better crowd control. Highly favored was facial biometric identification, which garnered 63 per cent favorability from respondents.

According to Miguel Leitmann, CEO of Vision-Box, “The survey has been clear to reveal that the industry is depending on secure biometric technology, particularly facial recognition for automation and safe socially distant travel experiences for travelers in a post COVID-world."