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Navigating a modern-day technology-oriented business is not a walk in the park as one might assume. It requires skill sets in a multitude of faculties that have to be both disruptive and in line with the eventual vision of the organisation you’re driving. Very few CEO’s do so as Waseem Ashraf Qureshi, as he has become a leading figurehead in the region in terms of leadership in business and technological innovation.

Building a brand around a disruptive technology in the battery space and standing out among the current giants is an example of his performance focused leadership style. He has led the growth of his companies from a SME to a corporate by building and executing innovative business plans, as well as creating a strategic inner management circle.

Qureshi is a man filled with passion and drive, an Engino-vator if you will. In today’s modern world, out-of-the box thinking is essential to succeed and this is what Qureshi is doing. However, despite all of this, upon meeting the man, endearingly called WAQ by close associates and friends, it’s clear to see that despite being a man blessed with a high level of intellect, Qureshi is down to earth and humble by nature.

The co-founder and CEO of Infusion Power Industries and Infusion Solar Energy Systems, both based in the UAE, Qureshi is also CEO and co-founder of Kilowatt Labs, Inc. in the US and the newly formed Kilowatt Labs Technologies Limited in Pakistan (to be listed soon on the Pakistan Stock Exchange).

He also leads PERCO (Power Electrical Rental Company), an entity offering an opex-based conversion for the group’s energy storage products. All of these entities now fall under a single holding structure named Enercap Holdings, based out of Singapore.

The group manufactures and sells supercap-based energy storage, Sirius supercap storage, a degradation-free, non-chemical, long-life, faster charging, cheaper, recyclable and biodegradable alternative to chemical batteries.

According to Qureshi, “As the CEO and CTO of all the group companies, I am ideally placed to lead the group forward with a consolidated strategy that leverages the core strengths of each of the individual operating companies. This way, the consolidated value of the group is higher than the sum of the individual entities, a rational but often overlooked outcome in the corporate world.”

As the inventor of these technologies, Qureshi, with his core team sets the vision for each technology, builds the commercialisation structure, originates the capital, recruits and trains execution teams and inspires exceptional performance through his groundbreaking inventions.

Qureshi’s focus has always been on execution. “Inventing groundbreaking technologies can only disrupt industries and markets and make a difference if they make the journey from the lab to the marketplace, at scale. Otherwise, they are just trophies on a shelf.”

“We are now poised to scale and become a significant player in our existing markets competing with global industry brands, as well as aggressively launch in the very large and demanding markets of EV storage, EV charging and grid storage,” states Qureshi. “In order to be the number one storage brand in the world, we must be effectively organised to deliver a high-quality product portfolio across multiple markets across multiple geographies through Enercap’s unified brand message.

"That is why we are consolidating our structure, incorporating world-class governance and optimising every aspect of our operations. We are excited by the support of our clients, partners, shareholders and incoming investors” states Qureshi. “Our vision continues to be the world’s leading technology group in energy storage, operating from the region.”

Qureshi is a firm believer in managing through exceptional teams. When he is not inventing groundbreaking technologies, he spends time working on establishing extraordinary operational teams. He believes in setting targets with his teams, delegating authority to the team and providing the resources necessary to the team.

Performance is regarded and rewarded, and passion and commitment are necessary. The formula has been successful until now, with significant growth being achieved. However, as the companies have grown, according to Qureshi, “the battle grounds are changing as is the nature and scale of the competition, so we must evolve and become stronger, faster and more flexible to handle these new realities.”