We start the conversation with the man behind the mission, Surandar Jesrani. Upon asking how he sees the importance of working as a team in the business of real estate, he replies, “We are building a work culture that practices empathy every day and our job as management is to create opportunities for all stakeholders. I believe if you take care of your people, they take care of your business.”

Michael Ghaderi, CEO of Aaronz & Co Real Estate, adds, “As a company we believe in diversity. We have staff from more than 12 countries speaking 20+ languages and that is growing. We build each person’s individual strengths and match the puzzle when it comes to supporting clients.”

We tap the team at Aaronz & Co and get them to share some amazing feedback on their experiences working with the company.

“Aaronz is a great place for anyone to start their real estate journey.” – Soheil, Property Advisor

“As a person in this business over a decade, I can confirm that we have all the right skills to go out and perform.” – Linda, Senior Advisor with 16 years of experience handling Dubai real estate

“I can see empathy being practiced every day at Aaronz. There are no failures, only learnings.” - Tereza, Luxury Property Advisor

“The work culture is great, and management is very supporting.” – Yaseen, Property Advisor

“All our ideas are heard and acted upon; this is very unique in the real estate business.” – George, Senior Advisor and Agent of the Month at the firm last month

“There is always learning for a new company, I like how Aaronz is fast in learning, collaborative and supportive.” – Ali, Property Advisor

“I am bought into the vision of Aaronz. “To be in the top 3 in 3 years. I’m excited to be part of building this company.” – Abdallah, Senior Advisor, and expert in Damac Hills

“Leaders are always available, helping you close deals.” – Johnson, Professional Trainer turned agent and Agent of the Month at Aaronz for 2 consecutive months

“The vibrant, inclusive and encouraging environment is amazing.” – Demba, Property Advisor.

“Very motivating and supporting culture” – Ekaterina, Property Advisor

“I have built teams from scratch at other agencies, building for Aaronz is special and very rewarding.” – Daniel, a veteran and a known name in the Dubai real estate market

Lastly, we had to hear from the team that focusses on recruiting and maintaining this positive work culture and how applicants could join the firm. “We ensure to spend time before anyone joins the company and provide customised and relevant trainings. There are no complex formulae to a great work culture, you need to listen to your people and act swiftly.

"We are excited to hear from new and experienced professionals. Anyone wanting to join us or know more about Aaronz can reach out on our website or drop a note at careers@aaronz.co,” concludes Myra Rodrigues, People and Client Success Manager.