There will be no check-ins for Emirates' passengers at Dubai International until midnight today as the airline reworks its operations to cope with the unprecedented rains in the UAE all through Tuesday. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai's Emirates airline has suspended check-in for passengers departing from Dubai airports on Wednesday due to heavy rains.

The airline said on its social media handles that passengers should expect delays in departures and arrivals.

"Emirates is suspending check-in for passengers departing DUbai airports from 8:00am on 17 April until midnight, due to operational challenges caused by bad weather and road conditions. Affected customers can contact their booking agent or visit for rebooking,” the airline said.

"Passengers arriving in Dubai and already in transit will continue to be processed for their flights. Customers can expect delays to departures and arrivals, and are advised to check the latest flight schedules on"

Etihad Airways advises flight delays

Etihad Airways expects delays for some flights due to severe weather conditions, including heavy rains in Abu Dhabi (AUH) on April 17. Passengers are encouraged to check the latest flight information on and allow ample travel time to the airport.

"We are working closely with affected passengers to assist with itinerary changes and ensure they reach their final destinations," the airline stated. "Etihad prioritizes the safety and comfort of our guests and crew and regrets any inconvenience caused."

flydubai restarts limited flights

flydubai has partially resumed operations at Dubai International Airport (DXB) as of 10 am today. A  select number of outbound flights will depart from Terminal 2, with regular service expected to return after 8:00 pm(local time).

Terminal 3 flights are scheduled to resume after midnight.

However, the airline emphasizes ongoing challenges due to the severe weather in the UAE. This includes further flight cancellations today and difficult road conditions.

"We are working diligently to restore our schedule and minimize disruptions for passengers," a flydubai spokesperson said. "Our priority is getting everyone to their final destinations safely. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the adverse weather."

Dubai Airport briefly suspends operations on Tuesday

On Tuesday, heavy rain forced Dubai International Airport, one of the world's busiest, to suspend operations for 25 minutes. Over 40 flights were cancelled, and inbound services were diverted until conditions improved.

"Operations were temporarily suspended due to the intense storm but have since resumed and are now in recovery mode," the airport said in a statement. A total of 21 outbound and 24 inbound flights were cancelled since Tuesday morning, with 3 diverted to nearby airports.

Historic rainfall

The UAE experienced its heaviest rainfall ever recorded in the past 24 hours, exceeding all data since 1949. This unprecedented downpour affected numerous regions across the country. The National Centre of Meteorology confirms this historic event and warns of even greater rainfall in the coming hours.