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  • Employing over 36,000 people and with more than 144 aircrafts, Saudia Airline is dedicated to connecting Saudi Arabia with the world to increase tourist foot traffic and market growth.

Previously shrouded in mystery, the country of Saudi Arabia is departing on a journey to showcase and share its unique heritage to the world.

In an effort to increase tourist foot traffic, the Saudi Government has granted Saudia, the country's national flag carrier an increased quantity of tourist visas per country, this will increase economic growth and create more social value to the country and globally.

Saudia took flight in 1945 with a singular aircraft, the company has since developed into a global conglomerate, leading the domestic market in air travel with more than 144 aircrafts in their hangars and 13 business units and subsidiaries. The company is continuously modernising their fleet through the purchasing of state-of-the-art aircraft.

“Today the group employs over 36,000 people… This is a responsibility that we hold very dear to our heart and something that we invest in more and more to create more economic value,” says Khaled Tash, Group Chief Marketing Officer.

Flying Sustainable

In 2019 it was recorded that all flights globally produced 915 million tonnes of CO2, with 6 hour flights emitting as much carbon dioxide as it would to heat a house for a year.

Saudia is committed to offsetting their carbon emissions through participating in The Sustainable Flight Challenge (TSFC) by identifying sustainable solutions and alternatives within their existing networks.

The companies’ carbon emission reduction is being achieved through the selection of efficient engine aircrafts, the use of recyclable material with reusable service materials, and the optimisation of weight onboard and flight plan.

Saudia selected flight (SV227) departing from JED to MAD on May 12th 2022 to be the companies’ first sustainable flight.

“We're expanding to new campuses throughout the kingdom and hopefully with these items we'll be able to affect the aviation ecosystem positively throughout all of the different fields,” says Ismael Alkoshy, Captain and Managing Director of Prince Sultan Aviation Academy.

Efficient Customer Service and Aviation Innovation

Saudia’s is committed to creating a more sustainable, enjoyable and personalised end-to-end experience for their customers, at present the company is undergoing an aggressive digital transformation across all stages of aviation.

“You'll see on inflight connectivity, on inflight entertainment, sustainability initiatives, the whole customer experience, it will be a very different journey for our passengers," Ibrahim Al Koshy, Captain and CEO.

Saudia works closely with The Prince Sultan Aviation Academy to ensure their teams are equipped with industry leading knowledge at all stages, from pilot training to hospitality training for cabin crew to ensure their teams provide high quality service.

The company is continuing their growth through the expansion of their fleet, the improvement of on board amenities and sustainable innovations, to continue their mission of sharing Saudi Arabia’s wonders with the world.

“We are growing the network to allow people to actually come and visit the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So we are connecting the kingdom to the world at the same time," Ismael Alkoshy, Captain and Managing Director of Prince Sultan Aviation Academy.