Video Credit: TBD Media

The pandemic had a crippling impact on the events and experience industry, completely cutting brands off from the ability to connect with their audiences.

Venues, concert halls, exhibition centers and city streets were void of people and the interactions that once filled them. The isolation brought on by this unprecedented disruption brought into stark clarity just how core connection is the human condition.

This motivating drive to connect with other people is foundational to our ability to thrive. It’s how we share ideas, trade knowledge, collaborate, solve challenges, validate our thoughts and feelings, and create new solutions. At a time when connection was more needed than ever before, brands were forced to either forego this crucial element or find new ways to engage and strengthen connections.

We face a new reality of behavioUral, social, economic, and business change. The way we design events and experiences must transform as well.

Spiro — the newly launched brand experience agency from GES — was deliberately formed to move past the methods, traditions, and processes of the past. Spiro is challenging traditional approaches of service/solution-driven event design, flipping it on its head and leading with strategy-driven experience design to build intentional environments that drive connection in today’s ever-changing landscape.

Now, consumers expect brands to foster connection and relationships. They look to brands as community builders—and as the brand experience agency of the NEW NOW™, Spiro is poised with an innovative approach and design methodology combined with robust new capabilities and resources to deliver on the overwhelming demand for connection and community.

Innovation requires accepting that change is the only constant in today’s NEW NOW reality. Today, consumers are telling brands what they want: Experiences that transcend physical and spatial boundaries and serve as catalyst for lasting, loyal, authentic, and thriving communities.

A deep understanding of our macro global reality and audiences’ shifting priorities brought Spiro to create what it calls its Core Four—foundational principles that guide the application of disruptive and innovative solutions in today’s market, giving clients maximum return on experience.

While others in the events and experience space might view change as a threat, Spiro has baked it into its culture of innovation — adding services agility, strategic foresight, analytics, insights, and intelligence to the legacy of excellence and global scale that comes from being part of the GES Collective. Combining business solutions with a strategic foundation is what is setting Spiro up to create high-yield experiential marketing activations that answer the needs of clients who are seeking more value from their events than ever before.

The industry has been starved for something new. As an innovation and disruption leader — and the agency of the NEW NOW — Spiro is here to deliver just that.