Imad ul Malik, General Manager, Al Ghurair International Exchange & Subcommittee Member, FERG Image Credit: Supplied

Please share a short brief on your brand’s association with the UAE Central Bank.

Al Ghurair International Exchange has been regulated and licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) since our founding in 1986. We are proud that under our enduring relationship, we have contributed to the fundamental vision of the CBUAE: promoting monetary and financial stability in the region in order to enable sustainable economic growth. By providing a safe and resilient framework for financial transactions, the CBUAE delivers a trust in money which empowers the UAE to do business on a daily basis, plan for the future and aspire for success. With the support and direction of the CBUAE, Al Ghurair International Exchange has processed hundreds of thousands of transactions for workers in the region, enabling onward progress and delivering our core brand promise to ‘remit happiness’.

As one of the premium money exchange houses in the UAE and the greater Middle East, how has your brand helped the country’s burgeoning remittance sector to thrive over the years?

As one of the founding families of the UAE, Al Ghurair has woven a 60+ year legacy in the region, built upon a foundation of trust. It is upon that trust that Al Ghurair International Exchange has become one of the leading exchange houses, with customers from around the globe putting their faith and hard-earned money in our hands and knowing – with confidence – that we will deliver it where they want, when they want, with the best possible rates. Over the last 40 years, we have built a comprehensive exchange network with more than 100 countries, catering for 57 currencies, and we pride ourselves on offering the best possible exchange rates, coupled with premium service. As a region with a high expatriate demographic, our role is vital to delivering for this diversified community, enabling them to live, flourish and thrive.

Please share a short and exclusive message congratulating the UAE Central Bank on its 40th anniversary and how you see your brand building on the long and fruitful partnership built upon and shared by both entities.

We would like to send our sincere congratulations to the UAE Central Bank in commemoration of its 40th year anniversary, along with our acknowledgement and thanks for its continuous support and guidance. The CBUAE has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation, excellence and fairness, with a people-orientated approach to business. Using the Wages Payment System (WPS) as one example, the CBUAE built a pathway to ensure all workers in the UAE are paid on time. With this dedicated approach to the community, and a constant pursuit for excellence, the UAE has become a leading place to live and work, synonymous with transparency, high standards and best practice. As the global payments industry continues to grow, stimulated by increasing world trade and an accelerated move away from cash to electronic and mobile payments, we look forward to what the future will bring and the role that we can play in the future payments landscape.