Auto volvo
Change of pace... Volvo, the Geely-owned Swedish brand, will now set the top speed limit to 180kph for all new vehicles. Image Credit: Volvo

Volvo, known for building extremely safe vehicles, has now announced that all of its models will leave the factory with a new top speed limit of just 180kph (112mph) as it continues to try to achieve its goal of zero fatal injuries in a car. Currently, there are several Volvos that’ll top out at an electronically limited 250kph (155mph).

The Swedish carmaker also said that all vehicles will come with a Care Key which allows owners to set their own speed limits and is aimed at reducing serious accidents caused by speeding. Several other carmakers also offer a similar feature and it’s ideal if you plan on allowing your teenage kids to drive.

"We believe that a carmaker has a responsibility to help improve traffic safety," explained Malin Ekholm, who heads up the Volvo Cars Safety Center. "The speed cap and Care Key help people reflect and realize that speeding is dangerous."

Volvo says that even the most effective safety features are rendered ineffective at excessive speeds therefore it has drastically reduced the speed limit of its cars but we can’t see supercar maker Koenigsegg, another Swedish manufacturer, following in its neighbour's footsteps.

180kph is way above the legal maximum speed limit in most countries, but Volvo owners might want to stay away from unrestricted sections of the German Autobahn in the future - however, the limiter won't feature on models from Volvo's performance brand Polestar.