Auto dog
All smiles! Buddy, senior constable Lynda Giblett and owner, Terri. Image Credit: Victoria Police

Dogs love the thrill of a car ride and a common and very cute sight is a pooch with its head sticking out of the window enjoying the breeze. But the last thing police in the suburb of West Heidelberg in Victoria expected to see was one of our four-legged friends driving a toy car on the sidewalk!

Auto dog
Put the pedal to the metal! Buddy out for a drive in his Mercedes-Benz... Image Credit: Victoria Police

Seemingly operating an electric Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV, police pulled over the pup called Buddy who is 107 years old in dog years and also deaf and blind.

Senior constable Lynda Giblett investigated and discovered that Buddy was merely a passenger behind the wheel of the remote control car designed to be used by children and a few metres behind was his owner Terri controlling the car using a remote.

Auto dog
Buddy is a senior dog who is both deaf and blind so his owner, Terri, got him a toy car so he could still enjoy the fresh air he used to get during their walks together. Image Credit: Victoria Police

“We couldn’t believe our eyes. Of course, we had to stop and check it out,” Giblett said after the bizarre traffic stop. “It absolutely made our day.”

The officer informed Buddy that he was “caught driving under the influence of cuteness.” Neither it or Terri were charged.

Terri, who is also deaf, explained that as Buddy gets older it’s harder for him to go on long walks, but since he still loves to explore the outdoors the toy car was the ideal way to allow him to enjoy his neighbourhood.